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\Con*ne*xion"\, n. [L. connexio: cf. F. connexion.]
1. The act of connecting, or the state of being connected; junction; union; alliance; relationship.
2. That which connects or joins together; bond; tie.
3. A relation; esp. a person connected with another by marriage rather than by blood; -- used in a loose and indefinite, and sometimes a comprehensive, sense.
4. The persons or things that are connected; as, a business connection.
Syn: Union; coherence; continuity; junction; association; dependence; intercourse; commerce; communication; affinity; relationship.

\Bi*zar"re\, adj. [F. bizarre odd, fr. Sp. bizarro gallant, brave, liberal,]
Odd in manner or appearance; fantastic; whimsical; extravagant; grotesque.

Connexion Bizarre
\Con*ne*xion" Bi*zar"re\, exp. colloq. [F. connexion bizarre]
1. Webzine about electronic music featuring album reviews, band interviews, a webcast and occasional media gallery features.
2. Electropop. Industrial. Noise. Electro Body Music. Synthpop. Hard
Electronics. New Wave. IDM. Experimental. Ambient. Breakcore. Trip-Hop. Glitch. Etc...
3. Oddly connected, suprisingly functional, the sum being greater than the parts.

Connexion Bizarre began in Porto, Portugal, as a sporadic club night concept dedicated to a wide range of electronic music, from Synthpop to Noise touching everything in between that we perceived as being original and of good quality, without catering to any particular scene or audience.

Connexion Bizarre (dot) net was developed as something of an after-though but has since become the main focus of activity. With an international staff of writers and DJs the website is updated weekly with album reviews, a webcast, link recommendations and an international events agenda of sorts, along with occasional band interviews and media showcases. In addition, there is now a weekly Connexion Bizarre radio show on the Lisbon-based Radio Zero and monthly synhpop-based night in Porto, Bodypop.

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